Regenerative Medicine Technology (HART)

The leading regenerative medicine company supplying the world’s first regenerated organs for transplant.


Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology (HART) was incorporated on May 3, 2012 by Harvard Bioscience to provide a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company developing life-saving medical devices. 

HART has grown to become the recognized leader in providing scaffolds, bioreactors and other tools for synthetic tracheas. The company is uniquely positioned to develop advanced instrumentation to accelerate regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and cell therapy experimentation. 


  • HOLLOW ORGAN BIOREACTOR - optimized for use in decellularization and recellularization of hollow… more information here
  • ORCA BIOREACTOR - 3D Bioreactor optimized for use in decellularization and recellularization of solid organs - more information here
  • CONTROLLER - The ORCA Controller is the first control system designed especially to meet the needs of a bioreactor involved in decellularization and recellularization functions - more information here