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Monday, 25 November 2013 15:06

Hugo Sachs Elektronik

Hugo Sachs Elektronik-Harvard Apparatus provides Advanced Tools for Physiology. It is the industry leader for providing advanced isolated organ and tissue perfusion systems as well as the PLUGSYS modular amplifier system for cardiovascular and respiratory applications.

Monday, 25 November 2013 15:03

Warner Instruments

Warner Instruments is known throughout the world as an innovative engineering company that designs, develops, and manufacturers biomedical devices for the electrophysiological, cellular and neurological sciences. Founded in 1988 the company soon became recognized for our bilayer, patch, and oocyte voltage clamps, live-cell imaging chambers, and temperature control instrumentation. Our mission is to offer our customers intelligently designed, high quality products at competitive prices.

Monday, 25 November 2013 14:59

CMA Microdialysis

CMA Microdialysis is a Swedish medical device and research company founded in 1984 as a spin-off from the Karolinska Institute. The core competence lies within solutions based on the Microdialysis technique. CMA’s complete lines of instruments and consumables are used globally by universities and pharmaceutical companies as unique tools for pre-clinical research.

Monday, 25 November 2013 13:57

Harvard Apparatus France (FR)

The Leader in Specialty Bioresearch in France

Harvard Apparatus S.A.R.L. specializes in physiological research for the life sciences. They are located in France and provide quality guidance for sales and use of specialty research products. They provide both pre and post sales support in France and French Switzerland.


Monday, 25 November 2013 11:22

Harvard Apparatus England (UK)

The Leader in Specialised Bioresearch and Teaching Products

Harvard Apparatus Limited is a manufacturing company based in the Garden of England produce a wide range of Life Science equipment including stimulators, tissue baths, animal ventilators, operating tables etc.).


The MouseOx® Pulse Oximeter for Rodents provides real–time, continuous measurements of arterial O2 saturation, pulse strength, breath rate, blood flow, and the effort to breathe.

The new MouseOx®Plus now offers new modules that will expand the system out to measure temperature and optionally expand the system to work with 16 animals! All these measurements are done via a non–invasive sensor that was specially developed to provide accurate measurements for heart rates up to 900 BPM.

The MouseOx®Plus; is ideal for monitoring subjects during surgery — prevent hypoxia, titrate mechanical ventilation, monitor depth of anesthesia, titrate supplemental oxygen, set alarms, and monitor in real-time every breath! Now the MouseOx®Plus allows you to expand out to include optional temperature measurement and the new Multiplexer™ allowing you to collect data on up to 16 animals. A wide range of clips are available to accommodate both awake and anesthetized animals in a variety of applications. The MRI sensor allows safe monitoring while in MRI environment. The CollarClip™ is a non-invasive clip easily applied to monitor freely roaming subjects while the ThroatClip™ allows for monitoring of anesthetized animals. We also offer standard and neonatal sensors that attach to the animal's thigh or foot – increasing the flexibility of this system while maintaining ease of use for the researcher.

The complete system involves the MouseOx®Plus, sensor and software or the Starr-link™ module for your data acquisition system. Additional accessories are available depending on specific application requirements. The MouseOx™ Plus software utilizes WinDaq Waveform Browser. Built-in statistics and filtering capabilities expand the system's flexibility. The waveform and real–time data point for each parameter measured is shown on the software.



Tuesday, 19 November 2013 17:17

VENTILATORS (Harvard Apparatus, HSE)

Harvard Apparatus has manufactured animal ventilators for more than 75 years. Following the designs of Dr. William T. Porter, Professor of Physiology at Harvard Medical School and the founder of Harvard Apparatus, they have models that cover the entire physiological tidal volume and respiratory rate for all research animals. 

A range of animal ventilators is available for species from prenatal mice to large dogs (15g to 50kg):

  • NEW! VentElite Ventilator (link)
  • HSE-HA MicroVent Prenatal Mouse and bird ventilator (link)
  • HSE-HA MiniVent Mouse ventilator (link)
  • HSE-HA MidiVent Mouse and small rat ventilator (link)
  • 683 Small Animal Ventilator (link)
  • 613 Large Animal Ventilator (link)


In addition to our line of animal ventilators, we also offer all other accessories necessary to make your animal ventilation safe and reliable. Anesthesia machines are available in several different styles and form factors suitable for a wide range of animal sizes.


Tuesday, 19 November 2013 15:55

Electroporation and Electrofusion (BTX)

BTX is a global provider of novel electroporation and electrofusion tools for the advancement of cell transfection and cell fusion.

BTX products continue to sustain scientific research in academia, biotech, agriculture and pharmaceutical laboratories.

From the introduction of our line of specialty electrodes for in vivo electroporation, to our ground breaking contribution to the field of high throughput and large volume transfection, to our involvement in the application of electric fields for hybridoma production and nuclear transfer cloning, BTX remains at the forefront of this cutting edge technology for which new applications are continually evolving.

BTX main products are:

  • Cell fusion (link)
  • Electroporation  (link)
  • In Vivo Electroporation  (link)
  • Large Volume Transfections  (link)
  • Microinjection (link)



Tuesday, 19 November 2013 15:18

Cell Biology systems (Warner)

Warner Instruments - Designs and manufactures biomedical research tools for the cellular, electrophysiological, and neurological sciences.

Here a list of the equipment related with cell biology provided by the Warner Instruments company with exclusive distribution in Spain through Panlab Harvard Apparatus.

  • Chambers (link)
  • Temperature control (link)
  • Microincubation (link)
  • OKOLAB stage top incubator system (link)
  • Biosensing (link)
  • Cell Biology tools(link)
  • Microinjection (link)



Monday, 18 November 2013 17:24

Electrophysiology Equipment (Warner)

Warner Instruments - Designs and manufactures biomedical research tools for the cellular, electrophysiological, and neurological sciences.

Here a list of the equipment provided by the Warner Instruments company with exclusive distribution in Spain through Panlab Harvard Apparatus.

  • Patch Clamp Equipment (link)
  • Bilayer Workstation (link)
  • Oocyte Clamp Amplifier (link)
  • Ussing/Diffusion (link)
  • Vibration Isolation (link)
  • Stimulators (link)
  • NeurologTM System (link)


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