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See You at the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2022!

Neuroscience 2022 will feature lectures, symposia, workshops, and more, and is an amazing opportunity for learning and professional development for scientists from around the world. Visit us at booth #2429 to see some of our top solutions for the diverse and exciting field of neuroscience – we can’t wait to see you!

Martes, 19 Enero 2021 13:15


Stefan Miśkiewicz
Spacerowa 42
95-041 Gałków Mały
NIP 7251782015
REGON 386868877
Phone: +48 60 363 3437
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Miércoles, 02 Septiembre 2020 10:41

Biochrom Ltd.

Advanced spectrophotometers, microplate readers and amino acid analyzers for a wide range or applications in the pre-clinical, life science and industrial markets.

Miércoles, 02 Septiembre 2020 10:39


Sophisticated instrumentation and software for biomedical and industrial research applications in the fields of electrophysiology and electrochemistry.

Miércoles, 02 Septiembre 2020 10:38


Systems and complimentary accessories for gel electrophoresis and blotting applications delivering top performance and ease of use.

Miércoles, 02 Septiembre 2020 10:33

Multi Channel Systems

Precise scientific measuring instrumentation for electrophysiology applications including microelectrode arrays for in vitro and in vivo extra-cellular recordings and electrical stimulation.

Find out what the Harvard Bioscience family has to offer at the first FENS virtual Forum

Being a division of Harvard Bioscience , we are proud to meet you at FENS together with our sister companies.

Visit us at our two virtual FENS booths in the premium exhibitor floor, where we can discuss your research needs, and we can share the latest possibilities for combined instrumentation solutions to improve research.

Lunes, 18 Mayo 2020 07:19


PT ITS Science Indonesia (Branch Office)
Satelit Town Square
Blok 5 F-11
Surabaya Barat 60188, Indonesia
Phone: +62 31 732 3630
Fax: +62 31 732 3632
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¡Ahorre espacio con las nuevas cintas de correr convertibles de rata/ratón de Panlab!

La línea completa de cintas de correr estándar (treadmills) de Panlab (1, 2 y 5 carriles) ahora se puede convertir fácilmente de rata a ratón y viceversa.

Úselas con nuestros accesorios modulares (rejillas, tapas y “air puff”) para adaptar el sistema a sus necesidades experimentales.

Sábado, 18 Abril 2020 18:42


RECORD-IT! MEDIA is the Panlab product specifically designed to record digital videos in laboratories and scientific environments in general.

RECORD-IT! MEDIA can record the live images of up to 8 cameras simultaneously into independent digital video files. RECORD-IT! MEDIA also provides a Player for the review of the recorder videos. Both video recording and video playing can be synchronized with third-party system.

Powerful Video Recorder

RECORD-IT! MEDIA processes the images (frames) coming from the connected images sources (cameras). The cameras supported by RECORD-IT! MEDIA are digital USB cameras, webcam, WIA cameras, analog cameras and IP network cameras. RECORD-IT! MEDIA also provides some simulated live image video sources for demo purposes.

  • Screen camera view option (1, 4 or 8 cameras views).
  • Independent or simultaneous Start/Stop.
  • Camera status table for a better follow-up of the current recording status of the cameras.
  • Individual setting by camera (format, name, recording mode/duration).
  • All the settings are saved in a Record-It project file for easy storage and retrieval.
  • High quality compression (H.264/MPEG 4 AVC codec Xvid equivalent; *.mkv file extension).

Convenient Video Player

RECORD-IT! MEDIA player is compatible with a wide range of video formats.

  • Search and re-link video file option available to retrieve lost video files.
  • Player panel with re-size option.
  • PLAY/STOP/PAUSE controls.
  • Fast-Rewind/Fast-Forward controls (10 frames steps).
  • Frame-by-Frame Rewind and Forward controls.
  • Use the integrated Speed Selector for changing the speed of the visualization (x0.25 to x16).

Stand-alone recorder & player

  • Video feed for a better validation/checking of the experiment.
  • The recorded video files can be analyzed off-line using the SMART video-tracking system (or equivalent applictaion) for the automated evaluation of behavior or manual scoring.
  • Use RECORD-IT! MEDIA with our StartFear system and operant boxes (or any other system) for a concomittant video recording of the experimental sessions.

Integrate RECORD-IT MEDIA in your own application!

  • Synchronization with third-party systems.
  • Remote recording START/STOP.
  • Remote player frame synchronization.

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