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The startle response is a brainstem reflex elicited by an unexpected acoustic or tactile stimulus.

Lunes, 03 Febrero 2014 11:01

Test del rotarod

The rotarod is a standard test of motor coordination, balance and fatigue in rodents.

Progressive-ratio (PR) schedules permit studying food-motivated behavior.

Lunes, 03 Febrero 2014 10:21

Test de autoadministración

Self administration is a classical model of human drug-taking behavior and consists in establishing in rodents an operant conditioning of an instrumental response (nose-poke, lever pressure) to obtain a reward, according to a fix or progressive ratio.

Lunes, 03 Febrero 2014 10:05

Test de preferencia de plaza condicionada

The purpose of the Conditioned Place Preference test is to characterize the rewarding potential of a drug or other experimental condition.

The 2-temperatures choice nociception test (thermal place preference) paradigm allows working on unrestrained animals let free to choose between two compartments with different temperature

Lunes, 03 Febrero 2014 09:37

Test de inflamación

The inflammation test aims to follow the evolution of the inflammatory processes experimentally induced in paws of rodents.

The Panlab LE7306 paw & test pressure meter is used for performing the Randall & Selitto test in rodents.

Forced exercise using a treadmill in rodents is a useful tool with a great value in the study of functional capacity and is a validated standard model for investigations in the field of human metabolism.

Lunes, 03 Febrero 2014 07:57

Test del objeto nuevo - Novel object test

The novel object test is a free exploration paradigm that provides animals the opportunity to explore a novel object in a familiar environmental context.

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