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Panlab Harvard Apparatus


One of the word leading developers of solutions for behavioural in Neuroscience

Panlab S.L.U is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and software developers of products and systems for life science animal research. The Panlab brand represents a well-established name specialized in the field of neuroscience research, providing a wide range of solutions for studying behaviour and physiology in small laboratory animals.

Committed with biomedical research


Our products help solving relevant problems in basic and clinical psychopharmacology. Applications includes the study of brain functions (cognition, memory, emotion…), the study of related pathologies (Alzheimer, Parkinson, depression, addiction…) as well as the discovery and screening of new therapeutic compounds.

Beyond making major commercial efforts worldwide, Panlab, S.L.U. Domestic Sales also aims at satisfying the needs of the housing for investigation animals, such as the supply of animal standard and research diets, cages and accessories.

For more than 30 years, our constant concern has always been to be able to offer our customers the best service and full attention which translates into a dynamic business focus, while a constant effort is made to guarantee that high quality standards are accomplished in every detail.


Panlab S.L.U has been working for more than 40 years as a SME in behavioural neuroscience (Foundation date: 1969).

Historically, the company is the fusion of two companies: a Sales company (Panlab) providing the sales network & marketing and a R+D company (LETICA) providing the main lines of products and innovation.

The owner and status of the company changed in 2007, Panlab S.L.U. becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Harvard Bioscience Group owning 20 other wholly-owned subsidiaries covering products that are used across a broad spectrum of both well established and cutting edge applications in life science research (molecular, cellular and physiology research).

Innovation, flexibility and service

The company is constantly renewing and evolving its business model in order to better accommodate itself to the flexible and changing nature of the research market. Our R&D team covers the whole process from the first link in the instrumental chain of manufacturing process (design, mechanics, electronics...) to the software development for the acquisition and processing of data. The expertise of Panlab in Bioscience is endorsed by a great amount of studies published by Panlab product users.

  • Pioneers in the development of modular skinner boxes
  • Pioneers in moving the video-tracking systems from DOS to Windows™
  • Pioneers in the use of extensometric weight transducers for activity, position & intake evaluation
  • Pioneers in the evaluation of non-invasive indirect blood pressure

Constant upgrading and re-engineering of our products in order to maintain quality, reliability and applicability standards are a must for us. Consultancy services enabling the customisation of techniques/products related to your field of interest. Additional scientific assistance and guide in the application of the various research techniques. Complete solutions for the researcher at hand.

Our philosophy - Simply Powerful!

Who said that “advanced” and “flexible” is incompatible with “straightforwardness”? Our products are developed with the daily experimental process in mind - easy-to-use interface, highly flexible structure fitting the most applications and budgets.

The advanced features  of our products ensure reliable data and increased productivity, saving valuable time and resources for the experimenter.

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