Para evaluar la ingesta compulsiva y actividad en roedores

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Compulse represents the software component of the Panlab PheCOMP system designed for the assessment of compulsive behavior in rodents.

This software monitors up to 12 PheCOMP cages for data acquisition, storage and analysis. Up to 4 external units for food or drink by cage can be set (user-defined combination and name) ensuring an optimal flexibility for performing a wide variety of tests related to Food & Drink Intake studies.

The evolution of food and drink intake consumption, beams break activity, rearing and current animal position are displayed in real-time during the data acquisition process. The data are stored in two data files: MTB file opened from the Compulse software for Intake & Meal Pattern Analysis and TAC file opened from the Actitrack software for Global Activity, Tracking & Rearing Analysis.

A powerful analysis module provides tables with the calculation of total and accumulated intake for each dispenser in each cage as well as all the standard data for meal pattern analysis. The analysis window and subinterval are defined by the user. Data can also be displayed graphically. All the tables and graphs are easily exportable in Excel o BMP formats, respectively.




Computer requirements

3 GHz Pentium® processor or higher, 512 MB of RAM (1G recommended).

System requirements

Windows™ XP (SP2 or higher), Vista 32 or Windows 7 compatible operating system.

Communication ports

1 free USB port for the License key; 1 RS232 port or additional USB port for the connection to the boxes.


  • Martin Agnoux A et al. (2013) Relative contribution of foetal and postnatal nutritional periods on feeding regulation in adult rats. Acta Physiologica. In Press. (rat, France)
  • Viñals X et al. (2012) Effects of repeated treatment with MDMA on working memory and behavioural flexibility in mice. Addiction Biology, Volume 18, Issue 2, pages 263–273. (mouse, Spain)
  • Bura SA et al. (2010) Effects of chronic nicotine on food intake and anxiety-like behaviour in CB1 knockout mice. Eur. Neuropsychopharmacology. 20(6):369-378. (mouse, Spain)


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PheComp System Software





Actitrack software module for Global activity, Tracking and Rearing

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Puntos clave

  • Controls up to 12 cages
  • Uninterrupted recording
  • Multiple dispenser choice
  • Meal Pattern Analysis


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