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The SMALGO system is a quick and reliable instrument to assess threshold sensitivity of the animal when applying a progressive force. A MUST for osteo-arthritis and pain studies!

The SMALGO system fits on your finger (thumb or index) and allows applying easily a force or pressure on the desired location. Designed for OA quantification, it is generally used on the knee joint or on the lumbar vertebrae for low back pain assessment. The threshold sensitivity of the animal is quickly and reliably found when applying a progressive force, this threshold is immediately displayed on the electronic device in grams or Newtons. SMALGO is also used to apply a given force, or a set force, for screening purposes. The small size of the algometer and its positioning perfectly fitting the thumb, allows the operator to act as if he was applying the pressure directly with his own finger. 

Each sensor comes to fit both species RAT and MICE, two different round ends with different surface are provided to adjust the applied force on the specie.

For user owning the Bioseb Von frey (EVF3) or Pincher units: the SMALGO sensor is available as an “add on” part to their electronic, including the force calibration module ready to plug. Ref: SMALGO-SPIP



Measuring Range

0 to 1500 grams (15 N)


1 gram or 0.01 N

Acquisition Speed

Automatically detect the respond to pain at 1000 Hz

Overload protection



Extra-large to read both Peak (threshold) applied force
and Current Force value.


SMALGO includes internal memory for 200 measures.
Easy to use internal statistic package for quick check in between animal groups.


to PC via RS232 and optional dedicated software.


on the mains or on rechargeable battery (8 hours)

Como pedirlo

SMALGO system



Small animal algometer (0-1500 gr) handheld version for rats and mice electronic including three round end tips 2,5,7 mm, footswitch and the BIO-CIS Soft USBSoftware, USB RS232 cables.

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