Test de Geller Seifter

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The Geller-Seifter paradigm is a conflict model in which prior food-deprived rodents have to “choose” between consuming food and avoiding the punishment associated with this consumption.

Basically, periods of responding by lever pressing to get sweetened condensed milk on a variable interval schedule are interrupted by periods where, in the presence of a signal, reward can be obtained more frequently but are accompanied by mild footshocks. Levels of punished responding are inversely proportional to the level of anxiety. Then, in this context, the shock-induced reduction of reward seeking can be reversed by administration of anxiolytics.

Soluciones Integradas relacionadas





Razones para elegir este test

  • Punishment based conflict test

Razones para no elegir este test

  • Classically used in rat, underemployed in mice
  • Needs sophisticated apparatus
  • Needs food or drink deprivation
  • Involves aversive/stressful stimulus (footshock)
  • Influenced by non-specific changes in response rate, cognition, basal water/food intake and nociception
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