For animal monitoring during surgery


The Small Animal Physiological Monitoring System is an instrument integrating multiple physiology parameters on one single small platform. The objective behind this instrument is to provide superior monitoring results, while making surgery and other manipulations on small animals easier.

The platform integrates monitoring of the rectal temperature, electrocardiogram (ECG), respiration, oxygen saturation (SpO2), blood pressure and exhaled CO2. It also includes a controlled heating surface to maintain the animal’s body temperature at the desired level.

Features & Benefits

  • Demands less installation time at the beginning of procedures.
  • Reduces the required space and the number of wires around the animal: (i) A single data/power cable connects to a small wireless communication moduleand (ii)All data is transferred to an Android tablet by wireless for display and saving.
  • Real-time display provides numeric values as well as waveforms that can be customized by the user: Multiple signals can be displayed on each of the three graphs.
  • Available with a stereotaxic adaptor option, which includes ear bars, a tooth bar and either a nose bar or an anesthesia mask: Stereotaxic device is fixed to the platform, but can easily be removed depending upon the application.
  • Recorded data can easily be transferred to any computer for analysis: Scripts and utilities provided to convert data in LabChart or CSV format and to display signals in Excel and Matlab

Components Included

  • Heated platform (for rats or mice)
  • Android tablet with case and stand
  • Wireless communication module
  • Rectal probe
  • Electrode gel

 Physiological Parameters

  • ECG - Integrated electrodes under the paws & external electrodes
  • Respiration - Waveform acquired with a sensor under the animal
  • Heart & Breath Rate - Real-time display from the ECG and respiration waveform
  • Warming & Temperature - Heated platform and rectal probe for precise control and monitoring
  • Blood Pressure (option) - Connection for a pressure catheter
  • SpO2 (option) - Pulse oximetry and oxygen saturation with a paw/tail sensor
  • Exhaled CO2 (option) - Gas ports for precise CO2 measurements (with an external ventilator)

Advanced Display Interface

  • Touchscreen display - Pinch to zoom on waveforms (works with surgical gloves)
  • 1 to 5 second waveforms - Select any signal to display
  • 1 to 30 minute trends - View temperature, heart & breath rate trends, and numeric values
  • Easy data saving - Add notes, save and export data for an easy analysis

Heated Platform

  • External ports – Rectal temperature, pressure catheter, ECG electrodes, SpO2 sensor
  • ECG electrodes
  • Respiration sensor
  • Warming zone – 0.1oC resolution
  • Single data/power cable – Link to a compact wireless module with 4 analog outputs
  • Exhaled CO2 ports

System Information

Heated Platform

  • Easy to clean surface
  • 10 cm x 21 cm x 2.5 cm (mice)
  • 12 cm x 27 cm x 2.5 cm (rats)


  • 8” Android tablet (10.1” available)
  • High resolution touchscreen display
  • Capacity of over 400 hours of saved data
  • 5-8 hours battery life
  • USB cable and charger

Communication Module

  • Wireless and analog outputs are in a separate enclosure to avoid interferences
  • 9 cm x 11 cm x 2.5 cm
  • 100-240 V power supply


    15 to 25 meters typical range between the communication module and the display unit Analog Outputs
  • 4 configurable outputs
  • BNC connectors, ±5V range
  • 1 kHz, 16-bit refresh rate

Data Analysis

  • .csv conversion tool
  • MATLAB® & Excel® import and display scripts
  • Compatible with third-party analysis software (LabChart)

How to order 


Physiological Monitoring System for Mouse (10 g to 100 g) with 8” Tablet


Physiological Monitoring System for Rat and Mouse (10 g to 600 g) with 8” Tablet


Physiological Monitoring System for Mouse (10 g to 100 g) with 10” Tablet


Physiological Monitoring System for Rat and Mouse (10 g to 600 g) with 10” Tablet


Blood Pressure Option for Physiological Monitoring System


Exhaled CO2 for Physiological Monitoring System


SpO2 Option for Physiological Monitoring System


APT300 Pressure Transducer for Physiologic Monitoring System


ECG 3-Needle Electrodes, 2 mm pin


Stereotaxic Kit for Mouse with Gas Anesthesia Mask for 75-1500 Mouse Platform


Stereotaxic Kit for Mouse with Nose Clamp for 75-1500 Mouse Platform


Stereotaxic Kit for Mouse with Gas Anesthesia Mask for 75-1501 Rat/Mouse Platform


Stereotaxic Kit for Mouse with Nose Clip for 75-1501 Rat/Mouse Platform


Anesthesia Nose Cone Holder for Physiological Monitoring System


Replacement Protective Membrane for Mouse Platform


ECG Conductive Gel, 250 g

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