For testing animal sensitivity to pain resulting from exposure to heat or cold

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This behavioral assay will allow monitoring of temperature preferences, nociceptive thresholds and investigate the role of a given gene or compound on these thresholds.


The Thermal Place Preference Test, or 2 Temperatures Choice Nociception Test, is an operator independant test to study pain thresholds in rodents (mouse and rat) by assessing temperature preference (comfort zone) - a brand new tool opening new fields of investigation for your analgesia/nociception research.

As advised by A. MOQRICH, and published in Moqrich et al (Science 2005, 307: 1468-72), the Thermal Place Preference Test allows researchers to work on unrestrained animals (mice and rats) let free to choose their preferred position (comfort zone) between 2 compartments set at different temperatures. This behavioural assay will allow monitoring temperature preferences, nociceptive thresholds and state in the role of a given gene or a compound on these pain thresholds associated to cold and hot stimulation.

Unlike the cold/hot plate test, it is investigator-independent: using the traditional plates, an operator can measure the reaction time of an animal (mouse or rat) exposed to a certain temperature. The "two Temperatures Choice Test" will return a nociceptive response without any action from the operator, and the obtained value is a temperature or a temperature range indicating the sensitivity of the animal (mouse or rat) resulting to the exposure to different stimulations (cold or heat)

You have the possibility to either observe one rat at a time or two mice simultaneously and independently, making the Thermal Place Preference system remarkably attractive for your analgesia research.

Dedicated software

The optional, dedicated T2CT software is a convenient tool allowing the operator to define the temperature of each zone, and easily, automatically obtain the position & presence time of each animal (mouse or rat). Results can be transferred directly as an Excel file or as a txt format. Software is compatible with Windows 7/8, in both 32 and 64 bits, and comes with 3 USB cables and a webcam.

Parameters measured

  • Time spent in each temperature zone (abs. and %)
  • Time of each zone trespassing
  • Temperature of each zone
  • Activity time of the animal (total or by zone)
  • Distance run by the animal (total or by zone)
  • NEW algorithm for tracking activity and detecting zone transitions
  • NEW single window for all settings
  • NEW improved electronics are more stable and result in faster temperature transitions

Available set-ups

The system is available in 2 different set-ups:

  • The 76-0475 Thermal Place Preference set-up provides everything for the test (2 hot-cold plate units, camera/support and software) and is easily upgradable to the GRADIENT test by adding the 76-0775 Upgrade kit.
  • The 76-0785 Thermal Place Preference set-up is a cost-saving set-up providing everything for the test (1 single unit with 2 plates, camera/support and software) but that cannot be upgradable to the GRADIENT test.


Temperature Range

-3°C to +55°C (room temperature 20 to 25°C)

Temperature Accuracy

± 0.5°C

Max Overshoot


Power Supply

150 Watts, 120/240 VAC


(L x W x H) 32 x 57 x 45.5 cm (12.6 x 22.4 x 17.9 in) including cage

Animal Cage

330 x 165 x 300 mm (13 x 6.5 x 11.8 in)

Animal Cage

Material Clear plexiglass

Time and position measurement

1s accuracy, video analysis


Windows® 7/8 32/64 bits  PC with 512 MO RAM with 3 USB ports

How to order

 Thermal place preference



Thermal Place Preference - Upgradable to the Gradient test: incl. everything for the test + camera/support and software



Compact Thermal Place Preference Set-up (cannot be upgraded to gradient) - Complete : Single casing unit with two plates dedicated to Thermal place preference, camera/support, software.


Thermal gradient test accesory



Kit to upgrade T2CT to GRADIENT (corridor, software + camera grand angle)


Kit to upgrade T2CT  to 2 single CHP,  incl 2 software (2 x RAMP), cages and foot switch


How to order

Please contact our local delegates or contact us directly for receiving a quote.


Key features

  • Easily monitor thermal place preference and nociceptive thresholds
  • Unrestrained animals allows for maximum accuracy
  • Optional Automatic Detection Software eliminates the user subjectivity


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