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Viernes, 31 Enero 2014 14:51

Test del laberinto radial

The radial-arm maze task takes advantage of the natural tendency of food-deprived rodents to learn and remember different spatial locations for food in an eight-arm radial maze.

Viernes, 31 Enero 2014 14:37

Test de la piscina de Morris

The Morris Water Maze is the most commonly test used to evaluate cognitive functions related with memory.

Viernes, 31 Enero 2014 14:20

Test de DRL-72s

The differential reinforcement of low-rate 72 seconds (DRL-72 s) task is an operant procedure in which a subject is required to keep pressing a lever for at least 72 seconds in order to obtain a reward.

Viernes, 31 Enero 2014 13:52

Test de indefensión aprendida

Learned helplessness, developed in the 1970s by Seligman, refers to the behavioral consequences of repeated exposures to stressful events over which the organism has no control.

La prueba de suspensión de la cola se desarrolló como una alternativa a la prueba de Natación Forzada, pero el concepto sigue siendo el mismo.

Viernes, 28 Marzo 2014 00:00


The forced swimming test is a relatively simplistic and widely used model for testing depression. The forced-swimming paradigm was originally adopted by Porsolt et al. (1978). Naïve rats and mice forced to swim in a transparent cylinder (aversive and confined environment) innately fight to escape the apparatus. Following failed attempts to escape, they become immobile (i.e. float), a behavior generally considered as despair or “depressive-like”. Prior treatment with antidepressants decreases the time spent immobile and increases the latency to reach the first immobility episode.

We provide several different sized transparent cylinders for the forced swimming test. All cylinders are made of Perspex Acrylic.

Viernes, 31 Enero 2014 11:11

Test de natación forzada

One relatively simplistic and widely used model of depression is the forced-swimming paradigm originally adopted by Porsolt et al. (1978).

Jueves, 30 Enero 2014 16:03

Test de interacción social

The social interaction test by pairs provides a popular and standard paradigm to study general social behavior.

Miércoles, 29 Enero 2014 13:19

Test de Geller Seifter

The Geller-Seifter paradigm is a conflict model in which prior food-deprived rodents have to “choose” between consuming food and avoiding the punishment associated with this consumption.

Miércoles, 29 Enero 2014 11:52

Test de Vogel

The Vogel test paradigm is a popular conflict model in which water-deprived rats and mice first learn to lick from a water spout in an operant chamber.

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