Test de ejercicio forzado - Forced exercise test

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Forced exercise using a treadmill in rodents is a useful tool with a great value in the study of functional capacity and is a validated standard model for investigations in the field of human metabolism.

Basically, a subject is forced to walk/run on a treadmill (adjustable speed and inclination) during specific periods of time. This test allows the study of various physiological and behavioral functions such as long and short-term effort during exercise, locomotion, metabolic exchanges, cardiac function, motor coordination and fatigue.

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Razones para elegir este test

  • Adapted from a human test
  • Allows the researcher to precisely control the level of exertion
  • Easy-to-do (for inexperienced users)
  • Sensitive for rats and mice

Razones para no elegir este test

  • Needs repetitive daily exposures during few weeks
  • Requires constant vigilance by the researcher to make sure that animals run for the entire exercise bout
  • Use of aversive stimuli to encourage running
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