For evaluating mechanical allodynia in rodents

Key features
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NEW! A new version of the Electronic Von Frey with embedded video (EVF5)

The electronic model of Von Frey filament combines ease of use and rapidity for the determination of the mechanical sensitivity threshold in rodent.


The Von Frey filament is applied against the central edge of the animal hind paw. Paw withdrawal caused by the stimulation is registered as a response. The corresponding force applied is recorded by the system and displayed on the large backlighted screen of the Von Frey unit with a resolution of 0.1 grams. A different tip is used for rat (hard plastic tip) and mice (elastic spring tip).

The Electronic Von Frey EVF4 and EVF5 are equipped with batteries. It allows performing measurement for several hours without connection to power supply.

Differently to the procedure using classical Von-Frey filaments, the threshold value can be obtained in only one test, and in a highly reproducible manner. The electronic instrument does not present any temperature or hygrometry drift, which used to be an issue with the manual version of the filaments.

Electronic Von Frey 4

The Electronic Von Frey EVF4 is provided with a easier and more comfortable handle (when compared to the EVF3 version).

The BIO-CIS software can be used to automatically record the results on a PC through a RS 232 port (direct Excel exportation). The BIO-CIS software can also be used for increasing the repeatability of nociceptive tests: while recording the reflex respond the software help the operator to improve his skills with the instrument, as well as to invalidate off-limit results. A brand new function also allows you to import all data from a wide range of instruments directly into Excel for further analysis!

Two packages are available: EVF4 (without software) and EVF4S (including the software).

Component included

  • Control unit
  • Stimulus handle
  • Hard (10 units) and soft (1 unit) tips for rat and mouse
  • Dusk protection disk
  • Footswitch
  • Storage casing
  • BIO-CIS Software (only included in 750976 EVF4S)

Stand and enclosure have to be purchased separately.


Electronic Von Frey 5

The new Electronic Von Frey EVF5 version provides an embedded camera mounted on the handle in order to make easier the visualization of the point of stimulation.

The brand new BIOEVF software comes with a lot of new features :

  • Video with target pointer: No more stretching to target the paw
  • Real-time curve display: immediate display of applied force, which helps for replicable measures
  • Value assignation to each animal's paw: Special feature for touch screen PC ! Validation in 1 touch (or 1 click)

Two packages are available: EVF5 and EVF5Tablet

Component included

  • Control unit
  • Stimulus handle mounted with a camera
  • Hard (10 units) and soft (1 unit) tips for rat and mouse
  • Dusk protection disk
  • Footswitch
  • Storage casing
  • BIOEVF Software
  • Tablet (only included in 750978 EVF5-TABLET)

Stand and enclosure have to be purchased separately.


Measurement range 0 to 500 g (5N), 120% overload allowed without causing any damage to the sensor
Precision Resolution: 0.1 g; Accuracy: 0.2 g
Temperature compensation from 0 to 50°C
Statistical functions Average value and standard deviation are computed for each subject
Internal Memory up to 100 values
Power supply 220-240 V (other voltages on request)
Weight 6,5kg
BSBIOSTDEVF Dimensions (W x D x H) Mouse: 6 compartments, 11 cm x 7 cm x 14 cm each; Rat: 2 compartments, 22 x 11 x 14 cm each
BSBIOPVF Rat Dimensions 22 cm W x 11 cm D x 14 cm H


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How to order





Electronic Von Frey EVF4S package complete with hard and soft tips, footswitch, casing and software




Electronic Von Frey EVF4 basic with hard and soft tips, footswitch and casing (without software)



BIOCIS Force Ramp Software (option for BSBIOEVF4)






Electronic Von Frey EVF5, 0-500g, with Video Camera, incl. Analysis software




Electronic Von frey EVF5, 0-500g, with Video Camera, Tactile tablet PC, incl. Analysis software





Robust animal enclosure for 2 rats or 6 mice  for VF stand  or heargreaves test



Elevated stand with metal mesh, delivered  without cage fit up to 3 BIO-PVF



Patient switch for clinical research protocols (needed for clinical units)





Hard plastic tips, 10 units



Elastic (spring) tips, 1 unit



Tips Replacement Box (10 Hard Plastic tips, 1 Spring tip, and 3 Dust Disks)


How to order

Please contact our local delegates or contact us directly for receiving a quote.


Key features

  • NEW embedded Video option
  • Easy-to-use/Ergonomic Handle
  • Provides objective and accurate data
  • The threshold value can be obtained in only one test, and in a highly reproducible manner
  • Elimination of the problems of filament standardization
  • Stimulation of areas of equal size
  • The end-point value is automatically recorded
  • Real time force curves(by software)


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