FOUR PLATE box - ARON test

For screening anxiolytic substances in mice

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The Aron test or four plates test is an animal model of anxiety in which the exploration of the novel surroundings is suppressed by the delivery of a mild electric foot shock.

Basically, the apparatus consists of a cage floored by four identical rectangular metal plates (8×11 cm) separated from one another by a gap of 4 mm. The plates are connected to a shocker unit that can generate electric footshocks.

Following habituation period, the animal is subjected to an electric shock when crossing (transition) from one plate to another, i.e. two legs on one plate and two legs on another. The number of punished crossings is generally calculated for a period of 60 s. A substance with anxiolytic properties induces an increase in the number of punished passages.



Cage materials white, transparent plastic and stainless steel
Dimensions 18 x 25 x 16 cm
Shock 0-3 mA, timer 0-10 sec, square pulse
Shock delivery footswitch
Count manual


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Four Plate box & Accessory 



Aron Test Box



Shock generator with scrambler. 0 - 2 mA output

How to order

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  • Key features

    • An elegant and economical solution for screening anxiolytic drugs in mice
    • Punishment based conflict test
    • Shock with adjustable intensity


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