For experiments involving isolated tissues and organs


The PANLAB Coupler Module ISO510A is an Amplifier for bridge-system designed to work with a wide range of different transducers for evaluating pressure, strength or respiration in various research areas. As an example, the ISO510 model is currently associated with the isometric or isotonic transducers for the study of in vitro tissues preparations using Organ Baths.

The PANLAB ISO510A Amplifier can work in both AC and DC and amplifies signal up to 2.000 times. The Amplifier contains a filter allowing the suppression of the noise produced by electrical or mechanical artefacts associated with the experiment running (for instance, ventilation and heating pump systems in Organ Baths) and then eliminates vibrations that may affect the signal received from the biological preparations. A Transducer Balance option allows a fine adjustment of the signal baseline (“zero”) when the transducer is not excited by the variable to be measured. The ISO510A amplifier also allows the external monitoring of its output signal, for instance to an oscilloscope…

The ISO510A Amplifier is available in two versions: individual Amplifiers accompanied with the corresponding external Power Supply Box or individual Amplifiers integrated into the Power Supply Box.


Key features

  • High Gain Differential AC/DC Amplifier
  • Includes a filter allowing the suppression of background noise
  • A Transducer Balance allows a fine adjustment of the signal baseline
  • Allows external monitoring of its output signal





Input Impedance

1.5 kOhms

Output Impedance

< 100 Ohms

Feed Power

18 VDC

Output Voltage

10 V

Transducer Power Supply

10 VDC

Band Frequency

0-5 KHz


>3 Hz or >20 Hz

Filter AC

0.16 Hz


5 pin Female Audio Connector


CEE Compliance



How to order 



Needs a Power Supply Box



Power Supply Box for up to 4 Amplifiers ISO510A


Isolated organ/issue test & Integrated solutions

For more details about the isolated organ/tissue method, consult the following link

For more details about standard integrated organ bath solutions, consult the “Related Integrated solutions” section of the Isolated organ/tissue test – organ bath webpage – link


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