PROTOWIN Software (Panlab)

For experiments involving isolated tissues


Panlab provides complete hardware solutions and associated software for isolated tissues studies from simple, manual systems to automated, computer-controlled systems. 

PROTOWIN is a complete software for monitoring isolated tissue experiments. It represents a very powerful tool saving the user time and effort in the awkward calculations involved in this research area. Its interactive design makes it very easy to use and its extensive features make it an essential tool for teaching and research.

Basically, PROTOWIN software allows the acquisition and analysis of signals generated by the contraction of isolated organ preparations maintained into an Organ Bath and challenged by drugs exposure or electrical stimulation. 

The software can analyze and store signals form up to 4 channels (i.e. from up to 4 tissue preparations) simultaneously or in an independent manner. The analogical signal charts can be viewed on the screen one by one or in sets of four units at a time. Independent adjustment of full scale range, time axis and offset are available for each channel, as well as independent base–maximum plot for each point.

The system facilitates the extraction of data into a spreadsheet for further analysis. Regular data Back-up is automatically performed as a safety measure in case of accidental computer shutdown.


Key features

  • Simultaneous or independent start-stop for each channel (tissue)
  • Data given separately for up to 16 channels (tissues preparations)
  • Simple, intuitive and guided channel calibration and balancing process


How to order




Software for Organ Bath. Up to 4 channels. Dose/Response.


Isolated organ/issue test & Integrated solutions

For more details about the isolated organ/tissue method, consult the following link

For more details about standard integrated organ bath solutions, consult the “Related Integrated solutions” section of the Isolated organ/tissue test – organ bath webpage – link


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