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The Panlab dark-light box allows easy and quick evaluation of the animal anxious behavior and its modification by pharmacological agents by assessing the animal displacements in two compartments with different size, color and illumination.

The dark-light experimental box, constructed of Perspex, is composed of a small black compartments and a big white compartment separated by a connecting gate. Each compartment has its own removable Perspex floor of the same color of the respective walls and 90 X 90 mm sectors delimited by lines. The compartments are independently illuminated: the white one with a 100 W white bulb and the black one with a 40 W red bulb. Both bulbs are 370 mm from the floor of the box.

The Panlab dark-light box can be supplied with a weight transducer system for automated animal detection. In that case, the automated experimental chambers (up to 8) are associated to the PC-based control software PPCWIN for data storage and analysis.

Even though it may represent a more complex experiment to set due to the strong lighting contrast existing between the compartments, some researchers also use the box with a video tracking system.



Chamber Dimensions - Mouse White compartment: 250 (D) x 250 (W) x 240 (H) mm; Black compartment: 160 (D) x 250 (W) x 240 (H) mm; Door: 70 x 70 mm
Chamber Dimensions - Rat White compartment: 310 (D) x 310 (W) x 240 (H) mm; Black compartment: 200 (D) x 310 (W) x 240 (H) mm; Door: 100 x 100 mm


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Experimental chamber for mouse



Experimental Chamber for rat





Automated experimental chamber for mouse with weight transducer



Automated experimental chamber for rat with weight transducer



Software for Chamber control and Data Analysis (up to 8 units)





SMART 3.0 video-tracking for the automated evaluation of behavior (see SMART3.0 product for detailed ordering information)


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Puntos clave

  • Compartments with independent and highly contrasted illumination
  • Associated with weight transducer technology for optimal animal detection
  • Easy to clean between two trials
  • Easy connection to a PC through RS232 port


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