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The standard elevated plus maze is commonly used to assess anxiety-like behavior in small laboratory animals (rat/mice).

The maze is usually a cross shaped maze with two open arms and two closed arms, which is elevated above the floor. This task exploits the conflict between the innate fear that rodents have of open areas versus their desire to explore novel environments. Security is provided by the closed arms whereas the open arms offer exploratory value. When anxious, the natural tendency of rodents is to prefer enclosed dark spaces to opened brightly lit spaces. In this context, anxiety-related behavior is measured by the degree to which the rodent avoids the unenclosed arms of the maze.

The elevated plus maze can be used with a video tracking system such as the SMART video-tracking software.

Please contact us for any request of customized elevated plus maze configuration (color, size etc.)




  • The mazes are now provided with all accessories for black, white or grey floors/walls, all included in the same part number.
  • The height of the walls of the standard configuration of the rat elevated plus maze has been lowered to 35 cm.



LE840 Rat - Dimensions

1000 (W) x 1000 (D) x 1000 (H) mm

LE840 Rat - Arm Length

100 (W) x 450 (D) mm

LE840 Rat – Wall height

350 (H) mm

LE840 Rat – Border height

30 (H) mm

LE840 Rat – Elevation

650 (H) mm

LE842 Mice - Dimensions

650 (W) x 650 (D) x 550 (H) mm

LE842 Mice - Arm Length

60 (W) x 295 (D) mm

LE842 Mice – Wall height

150 (H) mm

LE842 Mice – Border height

18 (H) mm

LE842 Mice – Elevation

400 (H) mm

Material composition

Methacrylate, aluminium


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  • Antón M. et al. (2017) Oleoylethanolamide prevents neuroimmune HMGB1/TLR4/NF‐kB danger signaling in rat frontal cortex and depressive‐like behavior induced by ethanol binge administration. Addiction Biology Volume 22, Issue 3 (rat, Spain)
  • Lu CY et al. (2017) Effects of Traumatic Stress Induced in the Juvenile Period on the Expression of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid Receptor Type A Subunits in Adult Rat Brain. Neural Plast. 2017;2017:5715816. (rat, Singapore)
  • Harlé G et al. (2017) Repeated corticosterone injections in adult mice alter stress hormonal receptor expression in the cerebellum and motor coordination without affecting spatial learning. Behav Brain Res. 2017 May 30;326:121-131. (LE840, mouse, France)
  • Lalonde R et al. (2017) Divergent Effects of Haloperidol on Motor Versus Spatial Functions. Open J Parkinsons Dis Treatm 1(1): 032-038.(LE840, mouse, France)

Como pedirlo

STANDARD ELEVATED-PLUS MAZES (optimized for video-tracking use!) 



Rats Elevated plus maze



Mice Elevated plus maze


VIDEO-TRACKING OPTIONS (see details and accessories in SMART 3.0 brochure)



SMART platform including digital video recorder and START/STOP remote control (needs Experimental Modules)



Preconfigured Module for Plus-maze Exp.



Customizable Experiment Module for any kind of enclosures and experiment.

Cómo pedir una orferta

Contacta nuestro distribuidor el más cercano o contáctanos directamente para recibir una oferta.


Puntos clave

  • Modular structure which allows storage in minimum space
  • Walls/floors with different color included (black, grey and white) and non-reflecting material for optimizing video-tracking studies
  • Removable walls for easy cleaning
  • Odor-resistant material


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