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The standard zero plus maze is a variation of the elevated plus maze used to assess anxiety-like behavior in small laboratory animals (rat/mice). 

In this task, the conflict between the innate fear that rodents have of open areas versus their desire to explore novel environments is exploited. Security is provided by the closed arms whereas the open arms offer exploratory value. When anxious, the natural tendency of rodents is to prefer enclosed dark spaces to opened brightly lit spaces. In this context, anxiety-related behavior is measured by the degree to which the rodent avoids the unenclosed areas of the maze. 

The Panlab zero maze is a cycling corridor elevated above the floor and provided with two open areas and two closed areas. The maze is made of odour-resistant black perpex material with no-reflective colour for eliminating any glare. 

The elevated zero maze can be used with a video tracking system such as the Panlab SMART video-tracking software. The maze is provided with a set of gray floor for optimizing the detection of darker animals in this context. 


How to order

STANDARD ELEVATED-ZERO MAZES (optimized for video-tracking use!)



Elevated zero maze for Rat



Elevated zero maze for Mice


VIDEO-TRACKING OPTIONS (see details and accessories in SMART 3.0 brochure) 



SMART platform including digital video recorder and START/STOP remote control (needs Experimental Modules)



Customizable Experiment Module for any kind of enclosures and experiment.

How to order

Please contact our local delegates or contact us directly for receiving a quote.


Key features

  • Floors with different color included (black and grey) and non-reflecting material for optimizing video-tracking studies
  • Odour-resistant material


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