PPCWIN Software

for conditioned place preference and black and white test in rodents

Key features
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PPCWIN is an easy-to-use and complete software for monitoring Conditioned Place Preference (or aversion) tests and Black and White experiments (for anxiety). It has been specially designed to work with the Panlab Automated Place Preference and Black and White boxes equipped with weight transducers for the automatic detection of animal position.

PPCWIN controls independently up to 8 experimental chambers. The system includes a test mode enabling immediate and reliable checking of the communication between the software and the experimental chambers.

The Place Preference and Black and White boxes are basically divided in two different compartments connected by a grey corridor/door, respectively. One experiment can be composed of several sessions, depending on the number of experimental groups and animals per group used in the study. PPCWIN is easy to configure as the user only needs to enter the desired duration of experiment and some specific information about the session (subject name, group…). During data acquisition, information about protocol state, animal position and current data can be visualized for each cage on the corresponding control window.

PPCWIN provides a raw data table with all the standard parameters for conditioned place preference and black and white experiments (permanence time in the compartments, number of entries…) and a detailed chronological sequence of animal displacements for each session. A report table can be generated containing the results from different stored session. Data from the tables of result can be easily exported in formats widely used to perform complementary analysis.



Computer requirements

2 GHz processor or higher (Celeron processor not supported), 2 Gb of RAM

Graphic Card Requirements

256 colours palette graphics card for 1024x768 pixels, 32-bit true colour RGB display

Communication Requirements

1 free USB for the protection key; 1 free RS232 serial port for boxes connection (a USB-Serial adapter included in the software pack can be used when a RS-232 serial port is not available)

Software Requirements

Microsoft® Windows® 7 - 32/64 bits; Windows® 8 - 32/64 bits, Windows® 10 - 32/64 bits

How to order

PPCWIN Software 



Software for Chamber Control and Data Analysis (up to 8 Units)

How to order

Please contact our local delegates or contact us directly for receiving a quote.


Key features

  • Easy-to-use software for standard conditioned place preference experiments
  • For both place preference and black and white experiments
  • A test mode enables immediate checking of the communication between the software and the experimental chambers.
  • Current animal position can be visualized in real-time during the acquisition of data
  • Provides integrated results
  • Tables of result easily exportable in Excel format for further analysis
  • RS232 or USB port direct connection


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